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 ====== WON board: ====== ====== WON board: ======
-^Chair:|G. Ypma|ASML BV|+^Chair:|G. Ypma|ASML ​Netherlands ​BV|
 ^Secretary:​|F. Persijn|Questel| ^Secretary:​|F. Persijn|Questel|
-^Treasurer:​|Jurriaan ​Hehenkamp|Albemarle Catalysts|+^Treasurer:​|J. Hehenkamp|Albemarle Catalysts|
 ^Board member:|G. Gieling|Synthon BV| ^Board member:|G. Gieling|Synthon BV|
-^Board member:|Avan de Kuilen|Patent Information Services BV|+^Board member:|MMensing|FrieslandCampina|
 ---- ----
 {{page>​open:​en:​contact}} {{page>​open:​en:​contact}}