Seminar, 30 nov 2018

Subject: Searching with unclear boundaries
Date: Friday November 30th 2018
10:00h-16:00h (including 2 coffee breaks and lunch)
Moderator: Aalt van de Kuilen
Location: BCN Congress Centre, Catharijnesingel 48, Utrecht.

Novelty, validity have a clear scope.
More difficult searches turn out to be collections (incl. FTO before a product definition is fixed)



12.15 - 13.15 Lunch break


  • Discussion in groups
  • Break
  • Presentations per group to arrive to a manual/check list

Thoughts / Issues

  • Request often vague
  • What questions to ask
  • What is the background
  • What is not asked, but should have been
  • PL ↔ NPL
  • Clear boundaries (years, companies, inventors, jurisdictions)
  • Interactive/iterative process
  • How to share/present results
  • How to store
  • Prepare for updating later